In Entreprenuership, E-Commerce or Trading (Ngaaf INEET) Program

Partnering with Equity Group Foundation under the Mastercard Foundation Young Africa Works Kenya and championed by all 47 County Women Representatives, the NGAAF INEET Program is more than just training.  It’s a social-economic transformation movement designed to equip Not in Education, Employment, or Training (NEET) youth across all 47 counties with the skills and support needed to become bankable entrepreneurs.

This isn’t just about starting a business; it’s about building a brighter future for yourself and your community.  Imagine the ripple effect of empowered young people contributing to a thriving local economy!

INEET Program

Comprehensive 4-month training program:

Master the art of entrepreneurship, e-commerce, and trading to give your business a strong foundation.

Become bankable:

Learn the financial skills and practices to secure funding and build a strong credit history.

Scale your success:

The most promising businesses will receive grants after graduation, propelling them to the next level.


The support of all 47 County Women Representatives, highlights our commitment to empowering youth

Nationwide reach:

No matter where you are in Kenya, NGAAF INEET is accessible, leveraging the strength of NGAAF & Equity Group’s banking countrywide network.


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